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    There are many ways to improve your photos, and one of these is to increase your photography knowledge by learning how to use a particular style of camera. However, the most popular method of learning photography is through photography workshops. These workshops usually feature several different photo styles. Most of these workshops are normally presented with a brief description of the different styles targeting. A common type of workshop is for example the one focusing in portrait photography. A portrait photograph deliberately uses highly contrasting elements. In portrait photography, an example of a highly contrasting element would be dark shadows,… Read More »Photography Workshops



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From time to time, expect step by step guides in some techniques you can use, whether you are a professional or just have photography as a hobby.


Photography has been around since ancient times and even in those times, it was used for different purposes. It has evolved and modernized over time as technology progressed. One of the best inventions that led to photography’s evolution was the development of the concept of film. In the beginning, it was made to be used by scientists and explorers to observe and record their findings. Later, it became more accessible to ordinary people and this resulted to its popularity among people who were interested in it. The popularity was further developed when the Internet was introduced and people were able to share their experiences and pictures with their friends and family members. In fact, the Internet and social networking have made photography much easier to do.