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When you’re creating magazine covers, it’s always important to make sure the cover and the content match. The cover should reflect the magazine you’ve created. Sometimes this is pretty easy, because you can just use stock photos, but for some magazines you’ll need to use high resolution photos and these are usually more difficult to manipulate.

If you’re creating magazine covers for a young adult magazine, you’ll have to make sure the magazine content matches the magazine cover, otherwise your magazine cover will look fake! It’s important that you match the magazine content to the magazine cover, because some magazines use different images on their cover for different issues.

Sources of Inspiration for Your Cover

One good site to get inspiration for magazine covers is Pinterest, there are many different kinds of magazine covers you can use! There are many different kinds of magazines out there, like Playboy and Cosmopolitan, these covers should work well with any magazine!

Sometimes when creating magazine covers you’ll find you’ll like a certain magazine but the cover will be too sexy for your liking, in which case you can always use stock photos of men or other objects. This can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to make it fit within the cover of the magazine. You should make sure you get the dimensions right, but you can use stock images of anything that will fit the page, like the famous Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty! You can make your magazine cover even sexier by using headshots of famous celebrities or you can crop the photos, so you can fit them onto the magazine cover.

It can be quite hard to use magazine images to create a cover because there are a lot of different kinds of magazines out there, but there are ways you can make a magazine cover that will work with any kind of magazine you choose. You can either use the Magazine Source’s free template generator tool, then you can upload your favorite magazine images, or you can use the online magazine template creator.

  • I recommend that you use the online magazine template creator tool as it is faster than using the free magazine template creator. If you do that, then you’ll get two magazine templates instead of one, so that you’ll have enough cover images for all the different kinds of magazines you want to fit them onto.
  • You can use the online magazine template creator tool to make a three-dimensional magazine cover. You can then print this into the shape of the magazine cover you want.

If you’re good at using the free magazine template creator tool, then the online magazine template creator will be easier to use, but it can be more challenging, depending on how challenging you are with creating magazine covers.

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