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Creating Magazine Covers from Scratch – Part I

Today we’re going to talk about/ the creation of magazine covers.

There are a lot of online resources that allow you to create your own magazine cover, but not all of them provide good quality results.

If you want a high-quality magazine cover, then you need to check our answer to these common questions.

How do you make a picture look like a magazine cover?

There are many ways to create your own professional-looking magazine cover. You can purchase one of the available templates online or use Photoshop on your computer. But if you’re looking for an easier, more interactive experience and don’t have Photoshop skills, then try one of these

How can I edit my photos like a magazine?

Editing is where all things get a decent look and create magazine covers is no different. You can use all the tools and effects you want to get your photo looking like a professional publication, but it will take some time before you’re happy with the results

How do I make an attractive magazine cover page?

Start with the selection of a template that has a stylish and attractive look. You can choose from hundreds of templates, many of which are free to use

How do I create a magazine cover?

There are many sites that provide you with professional-looking templates for your own personalized covers. It costs an amount between $0 – $120 depending on the package or membership.

How do I make an image of a magazine cover in Photoshop?

There are many tutorials online that will teach you how to create a magazine cover in Photoshop. Here’s one from the Adobe website (

How do I make my own magazine with a free template?

Once you have chosen your template, all it takes is uploading your photo and adding text. There are some templates where you can add more than just photos as for example videos as well if you will be sharing on a digital platform.

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