The 9th issue of FotoIndex Magazine is devoted to contemporary Portuguese photography. The issue contents: Alberto Monteiro "Sea And People", Paulo Alegria "Romeiros", Luis Duarte "Vaca Das Cordas", Sofia Quintas "Love Motels", Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira "Habitats", João Pina "For Your Free Thinking", Manuel Luis Cochofel "Slow (instant) Portraits", Nelson d'Aires "Leandro", Pedro Nunes "The People's State"
Eighth issue of the magazine is devoted to “Here and Now”- a project on documentary photography in contemporary Spain by Spanish Collective No Photo . The issue contents: Strangers by Matías Costa, Afternoon of Bulls by Carlos Luján, Interior Seas by Paco Gómez, Wives by Tanit Plana, New Families by Marta Soul, Madrid Underground by Jorquera, Litany by Eva Sala, El Palentino by Jonás Bel, Still Life by Juan Santos, 49 cc. by Carlos Sanva, Vía de la Cruz by Iñaki Domingo, Mother by Juan Valbuena, Peninsula by Juan Millás and Eduardo Nave.
Seventh issue of the FotoIndex Magazine contents: Piotr Małecki's "Beijing waiting for the Olympics", Zbyszek Carewicz's "Players", Zorka Project's "Bodybuilders", Jakub Cholewka's "Women Hockey Players", Piotr Wenclewski's "Circus", Arek Gola's "Real Rydułtowy", Agnieszka Parkitna's "Ice swimming in the Vistula", Łukasz Ostalski's "Women's rugby".
Sixth issue of the FotoIndex Magazine contents: Jan Brykczyński's "Lost in the Armenian Roads", Piotr Koszczyński's "Station - Intervention Hostel", Tomek Gola's "Minkebe Expedition", Marcin Tomalka's "Pietrowice Wielkie", Michał Łuczak's "March of the Living", Adam Pańczuk's "Rickshaw driver", Jerzy Wierzbicki's "Ras Madraka".
Fifth issue of the FotoIndex Magazine contents: Michał Zawada's "Body" - essay, Aleksander Bochenek's "Aszura in An-Nabatija", Alan Willmann's "Magh Mela", Oiko Petersen's "Downtown Collection", Katarzyna Sagatowska "School", Andrzej Jobczyk's "Lapowskazy", Nick Kozak's "Swimmers from China", Mariusz Ciesielski's "Fitness Club Dynamic Koks", Adam Tuchliński's "Eroticon".
We present you the first issue of FotoIndex Magazine in 2009 (fourth in total): Jakub Pierzchała's "Sources", Marcin Piechota's "Washington DC", Maciej Dakowicz's "Cardiff", Robert Kresa's "U-Bahn", Jakub Nowotyński's "Wash", Łukasz Biederman's "Paranormal areas", Ewa Respond and Aleksander Nowak's "Double look".
Third issue of the FotoIndex Magazine contents: Wojciech Gepner's "Graceland", Michal Kycia's photographs of Wola and Bielany inhabitants, Anna Bystrowska's "Allotment Gardeners" project, Michał Grocholski's "Tornado Effect" reportage, Agnieszka Pajor's photo story about her grandmother, Rafał Bielawa's "Place Where the Real Life Exists...", Renata Dąbrowska and Tomasz Łapiński's "Double Look - Pilgrimage" project.
In the second issue of FotoIndex Magazine we focused on a broadly defined 'dreamland': Tomasz Wiech's "Holiday Crimea”, Piotr Potępa's “Bollywood" documentary photographs from India, Dorota Wróblewska's fabulous “Dreamland”, Jerzy Łapiński's photographs depicting Polish reality, Damian Chrobak's and Paweł Piotrowski's "Double Look - London" project.
Contents of the first issue of the FotoIndex Magazine: Przemek Strzelecki's photographs from Mongolia, Marcin Górski's sketches of Brasil, Kamila Rondo's “Photo Medley” series, Łukasz Kuś's "Witneses" project, Neczek's pinhole photographs, Adrian Larisz's photo story on the Orzesze Welfare Centre.


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The Editorial Team

The editorial team of Fotoindex Magazine consists of photography enthusiasts working in the area of photo stories and photo documentaries, which somehow influences the choice of published material. All decisions concerning the functioning of Fotoindex Magazine are made collectively by the editorial team, the members of which are:

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